Heavyweight Throw Blanket - Rainbow REFLECTIVE

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Dichroic "squid ink" fabric inspired by 500+ million years of evolution.

Size: 60" * 80"

The squids' skin is one of the most complex and unique biological materials on this planet. While most creatures with color-changing ability do it to hide, squids do it to attract. Which is where the inspiration for flexliving's reflective release came from.

Our rainbow reflective fabric is stealthy, until you don't want it to be. The fabric is a mellow gray/black, and then when the light hits it just right, it comes to life and looks like it's from another dimension.

Blanket Features:

  • Super soft fleece inner fleece lining
  • Rainbow Reflective outer fabric
  • Weighted feel
  • Embroidered flexliving peach logo



Wash / Care Instructions
Please wash it by hand, do not twist it too tight, and dry it naturally. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Rose Galanos (Castle Rock, US)
Almost ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ stars... similar, tiny feedback for mfg'r.

Love, Love, Love
As one reviewer stated, the blanket comes apart from the two sides of fabric. It doesn't stay together, thus becoming a messy blanket that doesn't lay over you without being crooked and have to get up to straighten it out. A bit annoying, but not enough to ding it more than one ⭐️.

Live in Colorado and it keeps me warm (when the sides line up) and is really cool.

Christian Martin (Chicago, US)
Pretty awesome

I bought one just to check it out, but it was so cool that I ended up buying two more to give out as gifts

Kamau Montegut (Baltimore, US)
Heavyweight Throw Blanket - Rainbow REFLECTIVE

It's absolutely beautiful and soft on the inside. Love the colors and the warmth. The only issue is that the fleece side and rainbow 🌈 outer shell aren't tightly connected, other than that it's perfect.

Raven MacDonald (Pembroke, CA)

BEAUTIFUL! STUNNING! LIVING MY RELECTED DREAM. This blanket is beyond soft, beyond warm. I live in a cold country and this is the only blanket i sleep with! Not to forget to mention its massive! (its pictured spread across my queen size bed, corner to corner) So happy i grabbed this up while they were in sock.

Jennifer (Columbus, US)
Love it!

I love this blanket. It is lined with soft fleece, and it is very warm. The reflective color is a bonus!

Samantha Humphrey (Mount Sinai, US)
Reflective blanket

LOVE. LOVE. LOVE!!! a little weighted and super comfortable and definitely not too small!! Definitely was not disappointed!!! 😍