Looking for an update on your order?

First, check the order confirmation we sent to your email to verify if the item(s) you bought was a pre-order.

If the answer is NO, then expect shipment to begin ASAP per the warehouse status below.

If the answer is YES, then your order will be held until ALL items in your order are READY TO SHIP.


Warehouse Status:


Pre-order Status:

NOTICE: If your order contains one or more pre-order items, your order will be held until ALL items are ready to ship. We advise ordering separately.


Can I make changes to my order after it’s been placed? e.g. size, color, shipping address?

Due to the volume of orders we're receiving on a daily basis, we decided to allow this on a case to case basis. Please email our support team at hello@flexliving.net as soon as possible, so we can check if making changes is possible. If your order is already in transit or being shipped, we can no longer make changes. It's important to double check the items in your order to make sure everything

I pre-ordered something & bought an in-stock item. Will you split ship the in-stock item?

Unfortunately, we don't split orders -- we fulfill them together. If you want to receive your in-stock items sooner, order them separately. Remember that we won't ship until all items are ready.

Can I cancel my order?

If your order hasn't shipped yet, yes. Please email our support team at hello@flexliving.net so we can process your request as soon as possible. If your order has been fulfilled and shipped, we can no longer process a cancellation. Feel free to process a return request via our Returns Center.

I need help. How long will it take to get a response from the support team?

It's our goal to reply to all of your emails within 24 hours. But since we receive a very high volume of messages, it can take at least 3 business days or less for us to get back to you. WE'RE USUALLY FASTER, THOUGH. Your patience is always appreciated. We believe in sustainable and fair employment, so our support staff does not work weekends. Please do not send multiple emails or contact us on multiple platforms (e.g. email, Instagram DM, Facebook group, etc.), this will only delay a response to you. We are dedicated to helping you with your problem.